professional programmer, amateur photographer, or the other way around

About Page

Hi. I'm the titular Spaqin.

My real data probably isn't hard to find, but I prefer to keep it low. I grew up in the time where my parents told me to not say too much about myself online.

The world has surely changed over the years.

I'm a survivalist programmer. Which means, I program to survive. In C, Python, and as you can see, I can even muster up a website. If you got here through my CV, well, my other skills are listed there :-)

For examples, you could just check out my github (in the socials link above).

For a living, though, as in, to make the life interesting. Old cameras. Old (by today's standards) cars. Your cookie-cutter hobbies like rutracker & chill or travels also apply.


You can contact me through email:

If you want to use GPG, you can find my public key here.

Key's fingerprint is: F469 809B 1802 F792 C1A7 7E0F 8E69 2666 D7B3 511B